High Level Policy Targets

PNG’s long and medium-term policies and plans are interlinked, working together to achieve important goals. They articulate specific targets for their respective time periods, ensuring a focused and measurable approach to development. This integrated strategy promotes effective governance and addresses key challenges faced by the nation.

National Consultation Goals

  • Integral Human Development
  • Equality and Participation
  • National Sovereignty and Self Reliance
  • Natural Resources and Environment

Vision 2050

To be a smart, wise fair, healthy and happy Society by 2050


Papua New Guinea to be ranked in the top 50 countries in the United Nation’s Human Development Index (HDI) by 2050


PNG Development and Strategic Plan 2010-2030

  • Reach the upper Middle Income Country status
  • K200 billion Economy
  • 100% Connectivity
  • Leaving No Child Behind

Medium Term Development Plan IV 2023-2027

  • GDP to reach K164 billion
  • Internal Revenue growth to K25 billion
  • 1 million new jobs (directly and indirectly)
  • Per Capita Income to increase to K12,000 (US$ 3,000)

Sector, Provincial, District Development Plans

  • 70% Connectivity (Connect PNG)
  • Provincial and District Hospitals built
  • TVET and Secondary Schools built in each Province
  • District Commodity Roads and Wharves/Jetties built

National Annual Budgets

  • Capital Investment Budget to grow the economy
  • Development Partners’ Loan financing to support economic infrastructure
  • Development Partners’ Grant financing to support socio-economic needs
  • Recurrent Budget to support and complement the capital investments

National Policy and Structural Reforms

Policy Reforms

The Government is proposing new policy initiatives to progress the country’s development under the MTDP IV. These policy interventions are intended to achieve the overall objective of the MTDP IV which is to grow PNGs GDP to K200 billion and create one million additional jobs by 2023. 


These initiatives are in alignment with the country’s development aspirations already projected in Vision 2050 and PNGDSP 2010-2030. The major thrust of these proposed policy initiatives is to localize wealth creation, grow the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), expand the country’s revenue base and ultimately grow the economy. These policy solutions are also intended to ensure that a conducive enabling environment is in place for economic activities to flourish and business to grow.

See MTDP IV 2023-2027 booklet pg. 10-11 for table

Legislative Reforms

The legislative framework is necessary to give effect to policy objectives. Some of the policy priorities in the policy reforms (see MTDP IV Booklet pages 8-10) need to be enforced by way of introducing new or revisiting existing legislation to ensure greater policy and and structural reforms are made to achieve the desired development outcomes.

See MTDP IV 2023-2027 booklet pg. 8-10 for table.

Institutional and Structural Reforms

The institutional reforms are critical to embed the Government’s policy priorities and to drive the development agenda in MTDP IV.

See MTDP IV 2023-2027 booklet pg. 12 for table.

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