The presentation of Papua New Guinea’s Medium-Term Development Plan IV 2023-2027 (MTDP IV) is an achievement for this Government. MTDP IV is informed from the previous MTDPs and sets the strategic policies for the Government for the medium term.

The Government is announcing 12 Strategic Priority Areas (SPAs) as pillars for MTDP IV). These SPAs set the framework for all stakeholders to translate our aspirations and development vision. I am pleased to outline to you the 12 SPAs of the Government.

  1. Strategic Economic Investments
  2. Connect PNG Infrastructure
  3. Quality and Affordable Health Care
  4. Quality Education and Skilled Human Capital
  5. Rule of Law and restorative Justice
  6. National Security
  7. National Revenue and Public Finance Management Act
  8. Digital Government , National Statistics and Public Service Governance
  9. Research, Science and Technology
  10. Climate Change and Natural Environment Protection
  11. Population, Youth and Gender Development
  12. Strategic Partnership

The Government will mobilize its investment under the 12 SPAs through the various deliberate intervention programs (DIPS) to grow the economy and transform the lives of the people.

The Government is promoting trade and investment at the back of a strong natural resources sector. Our minerals and petroleum resources, agricultural and natural resource commodities are to be processed onshore to international standards, adding greater value to meet the global demand and maximize gains for our country.

Deliberate intervention program such as Connect PNG including transport, electricity connectivity and others are critical pre-conditions for economy to be vibrant and competitive.

As a Government, we will deepen our engagement with development partners including the private sector, civil society organizations and NGOs to achieve maximum development results. We will support these efforts and open up to strategic service delivery modalities that can deliver investments on time and on budget.

We are reaching 50 years as country by 2025 and we need to be innovative and progressive in this changing world. We must digitalize our economy and ensure our financial and information systems are secured and reliable.

It is the Government’s intention to see a Papua New Guinea that is economically strong and competitive. We are adamant to step up our efforts to create a conducive environment and make PNG as preferred investment destination.

Let us stand together, work together, be innovative and have the right to transform our beautiful nation to one that is known and design.

Hon. Renbo Paita, MP
Minister for Finance and Planning